Denarii Labs Cohort 1 - Token Distribution: Week 6 Recap

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2 min readNov 9, 2023

Developers want it, investors believe in it, founders work for it, the world is ready for it… But how should your project distribute the tokens? That is the question addressed in week 6 of the Denarii Labs program.

Our cohort worked with us to come up with the outline of a good token distribution model where they retain as much strategic incentive as possible, while still fairly rewarding and incentivizing their ecosystem.

Mentor Talk: Lindsey Winder, Co-Founder at Hedgey

Mr. Winder returned to our cohort to demo TokenReady, a tool for token projects to prepare for and execute a great token launch; a sort of “product manager in a box” for token projects. The product is still in beta, tracking what’s important to users. The tool has templates for onboarding flows, schedules, smart contract templates, and also can connect to service providers like Horizen Labs.

Lindsey also went into some of the hurdles and experience he’s gained by working closely with token project teams. Things like tax burden to investors or acquiring opinion letters from legal experts are some of the “how the sausage is made” kind of details that usually founders go into blind.

Gamification Workshop with Horizen Lab Ventures

Daniel Haboush aka CuriousRabbit, head of tokenomics for Horizen Labs Ventures stepped in for Vincent to talk about his expertise: Gamification. By adding game-like elements to a non-game — such as adding a leaderboard for members of a staking pool — our cohort can engage with their users on not strictly a transactional, orderly basis, but also to bring human emotions into the equation.

Mentor Talk: Matt Cross, Co-founder at Metafide

The eminent personality came in to cover a broad range of topics in the world of DeFi, token vesting and lockup schedules, fundraising for token projects, and more! The cohort greatly enjoyed this casual conversation, with a fellow well-seasoned Web3 founder.



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