Hedgey: On-Chain Token Treasuries Made Easy

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2 min readNov 16, 2023


Our partner Hedgey has evolved from a simple set of smart contracts to now a powerhouse of core token infrastructure. They are the go-to solution for some of the top on-chain organizations around; Arbitrum, Gitcoin, Celo, Gnosis, Shapeshift, BanklessDAO, and so many more make up their client list.

Upwards of $77M in TVL is secured on their contracts, all as free public goods to any token project that needs it. The v1 of Hedgey was based around governance, streaming token payments, revokable vesting plans, and growing research into what projects need. With that research, they’ve recently expanded their offerings and released a Hedgey v2. They’ve added more features and more controls that token projects really need.

The Comprehensive Offerings of Hedgey v2

  • Token Vesting: Tailored for team members and DAO contributors, their tools allow you to control the most important consideration of “who gets what and when?”
  • Locked Token Allocations: Ideal for investor engagements, locked allocations give a balanced control of their tokenomic economy alongside funding parties.
  • Token Grant Payouts: Facilitating entire programs with ease with a simple dashboard; something any token foundation or ecosystem will need.
  • Programmatic Treasury Unlocks: Adding a layer of automation to financial operations to give transparency, and prudence, a greater trust.
  • Advanced Airdrop/Claim Products: Incorporating streaming, vesting, and time-lock features to reward your earlist users for the actions you want to reward.

On Their Roadmap

Lindsey Winder recently gave the cohort a demo of a new tool in development for token projects. What he called a sort of “product manager in a box,” the tool aims to streamline the entire token launch process for projects that are still in the pre-token stage.

The support that Hedgey gives the token industry is invaluable, and it would look quite different today without them. So many projects owe so much to their Consensys-audited public contracts, and it’s a great benefit that this same team is working on so many mission-critical tools as well.



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