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4 min readOct 9


After a long selection process and meticulous due diligence into over 170 applicants, we have selected the five that will make up our first Cohort! These five represent the best of the best; the most interesting startups with the most valued tokenomic potential. These are those five startups:

Truth Labs

Truth Labs is the creator of Goblintown, IlluminatiNFT, The 187, Grumpls, and Big Inc. And they are on a mission to build the web3 Lucas Films — thoughtfully marrying art and technology to make magic. Their NFTs have been in the OpenSea Top 30 rankings by volume traded, with over 80,000 ETH in secondary sales alone.

Being bootstrapped until now, Truth Labs will be partnering with Denarii Labs to design a token that seamlessly connects every aspect of the Truth universe and build towards their mission of becoming a multimedia entertainment company.


Travelswap has built a crypto-enabled travel marketplace, where users can book hotels around with world with 100+ different currencies. TravelSwap is working on a standard around the tokenization of hotel rooms, allowing users to buy/sell/swap their reservations on a secondary market.

The goal of TravelSwap is to balance the restriction of “non-refundable” room rates with a truly ownable reservation, as well as open liquidity lanes for crypto users to explore & purchase travel products in the currencies they choose. Our tokenomics team will be working with them to find exciting new ways for this value to be held and transferred.


ShareMint’s mission is to build Web3 native products that are innovative and useful, and they’re starting with referral and affiliate marketing. Up until now, affiliate marketers have added $20 Billion to Web3 projects. Yet launching this type of program is hard and time consuming. ShareMint allows any web3 product to launch an affiliate program in minutes.

ShareMint built a platform where users can build a Web3 native affiliate program in minutes, and partner with top communities, influencers, and projects. They are now developing a Web3 referral protocol, and we will be working with ShareMint to build a tokenomic economy within this network to reward users and allow value to flow efficiently.

Open Ads Protocol

In three words, Open Ads Protocol describes themselves as “Uniswap for ads.” The vision for OAP is to become the underlying foundation for many currently centralized ad product categories, empowering publishers, advertisers, and end users by making ads open, decentralized, transparent, and permissionless by creating fair and open advertising experiences. They are building the infrastructure for this type of tokenization, with the first product “Nectar” an advertiser/monetization platform for Web3 games.

With such a diverse and complex protocol, there are many opportunities for a token; dApp publishers, ad purchasers, ad space sellers, and more. Our goal is to build a tokenomic system that benefits all participants.

Blockade Labs

Blockade Labs developed a generative AI model that is able to create a full immersive 3D environment from just a simple prompt or sketch. The users can doodle where a door or staircase or other asset will be, give a prompt like “Torch-lit dungeon on Alien world”, and within seconds there is a 3D skybox ready to drop a game character or VR user into.

We will be exploring some interesting token usecases with Blockade Labs, including AI prompt credit tokens, tokenized ownership of 3D assets, and IP rights/royalties ownership.



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