Token Listing Strategies: Navigating the Marketplace

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4 min readAug 24


With over 450 exchanges and a staggering 17,000 tokens listed on CoinMarketCap, the crypto landscape is teeming with activity. Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) exchanges, with their unique offerings, cater to a variety of tokens, for a variety of L1s, protocols, and meme tokens.

In a reversal from just a few years back when exchanges pursued promising projects, now projects often find themselves courting exchanges for a listing spot. So, how does one strategize for a successful listing?

Listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Centralized platforms, like Binance or Coinbase, act as intermediaries that offer a user-friendly interface for crypto transactions. Given the centralized nature, these platforms handle a vast number of orders, thanks to running their own centralized order books.

Example: Think of a CEX like a traditional bank. Users trust the bank (exchange) to handle their money (crypto) and facilitate transactions on their behalf.

However, CEXs also come with their challenges, including rigorous KYC requirements. Listing on a prominent CEX, while offering great exposure, is not always straightforward. They will often require audits, listing fees, background checks, and more to make sure they aren’t exposing their customers to much risk.

Listing on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Enter the world of DeFi, where platforms such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap allow for seamless token listings. Unlike CEXs, DEXs offer anonymity, as they don’t require personal verifications. Being entirely smart contract based, any token from that chain can be transacted, provided there’s a counterparty or a liquidity pool.

Many budding projects view DEXs as their starting point, mainly because of the lower barriers to entry and the critical role of community-driven growth. However, there are downsides: much smaller market size, much higher barrier to entry for traders, volatile liquidity, and the possibilities of malicious trading practices like sandwich attacks.

Strategizing for a Successful Token Listing

  1. Identify Your Options: Not all exchanges are created equal. While Binance might be the dream for many projects, it’s essential to be realistic and look at different tier exchanges. For instance, if you have a novel concept but are still in the early stages, a smaller exchange like Bitrue might be more feasible initially.
  2. Plan Ahead and Build a Network: Imagine planning a large event without sending out invites or checking venue availability. The same principle applies here — connect with exchanges early, nurture relationships, and stay updated with their criteria. Every CEX has different procuedures and criteria for listing.
  3. Legal & Tech Preparedness: Ensure your project is compliant with regulatory requirements, and your technology is robust and secure. Exchanges won’t want a token that could be vulnerable to hacks any time soon. They also wouldn’t want to be facilitating trades that may land themselves in the crosshairs of the SEC. The legal group we engaged for the Denarii Labs accelerator is the legendary Silicon Valley firm Fenwick & West LLP. Their 50 year history in frontier tech spaces make them far and away the gold standard for legal prep.
  4. Nurture Your Community: Your community is akin to your cheerleaders. A robust and active community can significantly influence exchange decisions. For instance, the surging community around Dogecoin in 2021 led to its listing on many top-tier exchanges, primarily driven by its vocal and passionate community. For DEX listings, your community will be the first liquidity providers, and rewarding them as such is important to retaining them.
  5. Partner with a Market Maker: It’s like having a local guide when you visit a new city. Market makers, with their relationships and knowledge of the terrain, can provide essential support in navigating the complex world of token listings. Their role ensures that your token remains active and doesn’t become another statistic in the delisting column. For the Denarii Accelerator, we’ve partnered with Kairon Labs, a known industry leading market maker. Their network of 100+ exchanges and algorithmic trading software is essential for price stability and minimizing arbitrage loss,.
  6. Focus on Building, Not Just Promising: Hype without substance is fleeting. Instead of merely making lofty claims about potential listings, concentrate on building your project’s core value. Remember, while getting listed on a top-tier exchange like Binance is an achievement, maintaining that spot and growing requires continuous effort and innovation. Many failed projects have had huge listing events, followed by an evaporation of demand.


As the crypto ecosystem grows, the strategies required to navigate it evolve as well. By focusing on the fundamentals and adapting to the changing landscape, projects can significantly improve their chances of a successful token listing. Whether on a CEX or DEX, the key lies in preparation, genuine community engagement, and relentless innovation.



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